4 Things Preventing You From Becoming A Mega Agent


Tune in to our very first episode as Josh Pomerleau and Bryan McWhite discuss the 4 top things that are getting in your way of becoming a Mega Agent.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • - What exactly is your goal?
  • - Are you willing to never work with a buyer again, starting today?
  • - Are you willing to suffer the pain of having a limited staff until you find the best hire possible?

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Josh Pomerleau

Founder of Teaming Up and JP Willman Realty

Josh Pomerleau has been a leader in the marketplace for over a decade, running a team that has consistently closed over 300 transactions per year. He has written numerous courses and taught 100’s of other Realtors on how to succeed in real estate at a high level. Josh has a passion for real estate and growing the people around him.

He currently runs JP Willman Realty, a capping and stock sharing brokerage who's aim is to help agents build lives of abundance. A major focus of JP Willman Realty is mentoring agents. JP Willman's founders have been some of the most successful real estate agents in the business. Mentorship coupled with "capped company dollar" and stock sharing opportunities make JP Willman Realty the place for agents to grow a successful real estate business.


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